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Hira Bhana & Co Ltd is a family owned and run business based in Pukekohe which is devoted to growing, packing and distributing their fresh, quality produce throughout New Zealand and the world.

The company itself has grown significantly over the last 50 years and now crops 1,500 acres of land, producing seven different crop types, a permanent staff 40 and vast distribution channel from Kaitaia to Christchurch.

Their large growing and packing capacity means they can deliver and maintain a guaranteed, sustainable supply to retail sectors throughout New Zealand as well as sustain significant export demand.

1935  Founder Hira Bhana arrived in New Zealand at the age of 12. He later returned to India due to his father’s ill health.
1949 Hira arrived back in New Zealand and worked in a number of fruit and vegetable retail shops in Otahuhu, Panmure, Mission Bay & Rotorua.
1957 Hira moved to Pukekohe where he grew potatoes and onions in partnership with Daya Ranchhod.
1958 With the arrival of Hira’s wife Bhani and three sons Jeram, Dinesh and Amrut, he purchased ten acres of land. This became the base of Hira Bhana & Co Ltd … the business is still run from this farm today.
1976 Hira passed away at the tender age of 50. His wife Bhani became the backbone of the company taking on many decisions moving the business forward.
Current The four brothers Dinesh, Amrat, Bharat and Balrent along with younger 3rd generation members currently manage the business and crop 1,500 hundred acres of farmland, growing potatoes, onions, carrots, pumpkins, cabbage, cauliflower and lettuce.

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